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Post  T3 o iKUSH o on Mon May 23, 2011 9:24 am

Hey just here to talk about my club we are currently looking for players to join.
I am a ST(89) i sometimes play CB(88) i have another 2 people in the club: XI VoIIcEs IX and Trippz x Rush they both have accounts on here is the founding owner of the site.
The club record is currently on
[40 W][1 D][28 L] It is a pretty decent record but some of them loses are mainly because of disconnecting or really bad delay and lag which you cant play in.
If you would like to join the club just post a reply saying your position and overall and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading
T3 o iKUSH o
T3 o iKUSH o

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Pro club Fifa 11 Empty Re: Pro club Fifa 11

Post  Fergani on Mon May 23, 2011 6:22 pm

Nah I play for division 1 team


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