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League Changes (Week starting 30/05/11)

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League Changes (Week starting 30/05/11) Empty League Changes (Week starting 30/05/11)

Post  XI VoIIcEs IX Sun May 29, 2011 9:43 pm

Here are the lsit of changes i hvae implemented this week :

- The referral bonus has been changed to benefit both parties involved.

- Transfer Fees can now be chosen to be hidden by stating they are undisclosed. This has been introduced to try and help future transfers of the player

- I have decided once the remaining premier league teams have been filled i am opening up the Spanish league and SPL

- The transfer window will now close at the end of this week

- I have implemented changes to the Goals Point system to allow double the amount of points to be earned for posting on the forums.

- I will be selecting a team of the week with the help of other managers on the 30/05/11 for the first week of the season

- I have allowed first priority for new teams released in season 2 for those who invite 2 people or more to the league.

- I will be releasing a cup schedule once all teams have played at least 5 games. It will involve the bottom 8 teams playing qualifying fixturs of 2 legs each to determine the 4 that joins the other 12 teams. There will be prize money involved.

- I will be updaing the free agents section so that you can buy the players for a certain price depending on their overall. I will also be increasing the time you must wait to an hour

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