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Post  XI VoIIcEs IX on Mon May 16, 2011 12:59 am

Q. How do we arrange the league games?
A. Contact between mnagers is vital not just for transfers but for arranging times for league games. You can either private message them on the forums or over xbox. As long as the game is played and the match report submitted before the fixture deadline and the end of each week you can play when ever you agree on playing.

Q. How does the free agent system work?
A. Free agents are gained by selecting which players you want ( upto a max of 5 per season) and waiting for confirmation of getting him. There will be a cost of getting the player however which is judged by the overall. If someone else also wants that player then the player will be auctioned off.

Q. How do player transfer work?
A. Player transfers between players must be discussed between fellow managers and can involve player swaps, free agent picks or cash. Once a deal is in place it must be comfirmed by the admin of the League who will then post it under completed transfers and modify both squads accordingly.

Q. What are transfer budgets?
A. Transfer Budgets are there to make sure there is a cap on how much you spend on players. It can go down either by spending money on a player, getting free agents or fines. You can earn extra transfer funds by getting a high league position at the end of the season, getting to later stages of the cup and selling players.

Q. What are fines?
A. Fines are administered for breach of rules and regulations.

Q. How much are fines?
A. Fine value wll be discussed between the hierarchy of the site and depending on past issues may vary.

Q. When Do Transfer Windows End?
A. The Transfer window ends once the 2 round of fixtures have been played.

Q. Why are the squads messed around?
A. The squads have not reverted back to their original state as the hierarchy thought this would add a bit of flair to the league. If however you feel a player is missing then let XI VoIIcEs IX know as soon as you find out

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